Some people think that planting trees in open spaces in cities and towns is more important than building houses. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, it has become a debatable context as to whether tree plantation is essential or constructing structures is necessary for the vacant areas in metropolis and countryside. Where some are in the favour of planting a seedling, others support building houses.
, I firmly stick to the former concept. The coming paragraphs will explain
point of view. To commence with the
notion, trees play a vital role in one's well-being.
In other words
, for good strength, we need fresh air which is enriched with an abundance of oxygen
that is
generated merely by the plants.
, a substantial oxygen level in the atmosphere prevents various diseases related to breathing like Asthma and Heart-attack.
For example
, a recent government survey in our country has demonstrated that the cities with the highest number of a sapling, had greater oxygen level, as well as, had the better score of health index.
, It is well-known that a rapid increase in population in the metropolis, has had a negative effect on our ecosystem.
, due to fewer vegetation and more population, the number of various endangered birds has decreased.
For instance
, a recent study of a media channel, NDTV, has revealed that the sparrows in some cities have gone extinct whereas these are still alive and found in the countryside places with less density and more vegetation and greenery. In conclusion,
it is preponderant to build houses due to increased number of population and in order to fulfil the accommodation need of the hour, yet it is more essential to plant trees in the surplus spaces so that we can preserve our flora and fauna for future generation and can arrange for the better health to our city-dwellers.
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