There is a group of people in your community that needs help. Write a letter to your company director and say – Describe this group. – What kind of help do they need? – How will this group and the community benefit from it?

Dear Sir, Throughout its century-old history, our company has always been at the forefront of serving the
in which we do business. I know one
a perfect opportunity to pay back to the
. I live in the downtown area of Ottawa and I recently came across a group of Syrian refugees trying to settle down in the city. Some of the adults in
group are doctors, engineers, and teachers.
, they are in a new country and lack the means to support their families. Since our company is the largest real estate developer in
city, I think we can help these people lease some of our property at negligible lease so that they can start small businesses. Many of these individuals are qualified to work as professionals in Canada. All they need is some economic support to become responsible citizens of the country.
will be beneficial to the group in several respects. Not only will it make them financially independent members of the
will make the Ottawa
diverse. In fact, the diversity of culture has been the biggest strength of our country and
is a perfect opportunity to maintain it. I look forward to your decision. Yours sincerely, AB.
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