Shopping is the favourite free time activity for many young people today. Why do you think this has happened? Should young people be encouraged to do different activities in their free time rather than shopping?

Young people’s approach toward hobbies is changing dramatically and it is influenced by technology and the modern world. At present, shopping as a favourite pastime activity is becoming extremely popular, especially among
. Admittedly, shopping outlet’s services, lucrative offers, rapid changes in technology, and digital advertisements are playing key roles in making
trend popular.
, unnecessary shopping is a waste of
and money which could be better utilised by youths. The modern world we live in has too many new technologies, gadgets, and fashion
and they change so frequently that it is almost impossible to remain fashionable, trendy and updated without shopping regularly. Many people, especially
, go shopping very frequently because they feel those
are necessary for them. Since
release new
quite often, the young generation goes shopping frequently. Digital advertisements by big and small
reach millions of
and constantly lure them to get fashionable
to look good or feel good and sometimes their offer and discounts are too good to be missed!
For instance
, renowned
like Nike or some small
often give up to 50% discount which drags many
to their outlets. Youths can use their leisure
in more productive activities and hobbies like going out and doing exercise, socialising with others, getting involved in charity works and taking part in different outdoor sports.
will keep them mentally and physically fit and make a far more healthy young generation without chronic diseases and obesity.
, they can invest
in reading, which will broaden their imagination, teach them different information and make them ready for their future career.
For instance
, it is evident that students who like to read a lot do much better in exams and end up having a better career than those who hardly read outside their academic books. To conclude, I believe that shopping is important when it is restricted to buying necessary
. But if it becomes obsessions by young people, it is a problem. They should better spend the money and
doing things that would benefit them in the long run.
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