Some people believe that advertising has a strong effect on a person’s decision-making process. Others feel that it has little or no real impact. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The discussion about whether or not
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an advertisement

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has a significant influence on
in terms of making decisions raises a thorny question in today's complex society.
there are good arguments in favour of
claiming there is no real impact, I strongly believe that
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the human's

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decision-making process can be affected by advertising. There are several reasons why a decision-making process could not be driven by advertisement. The main cause is that
are already aware of the purpose of the advertisement company.
, most
consider that they try to sell their own product or others' goods.
In other words
, they just want to tempt us to buy something by using fake advertising, so many
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do the shopping by going to the physical store or online.
For example
, energy drinks being displayed on TV are claimed to give energy to
truly, but it is totally wrong. And most of us know that it does not have any influence on
. Despite the above arguments, I tend to believe that advertising is created in order to affect
's decisions before being made. It can be argued that promotions showed frequently on TV could probably permeate into peoples' subconscious.
, companies are paying a whopping amount of money to make
buy their commodities. It is obvious that governments are
using advertising to make a demand for any kind of product.
For instance
, they can advertise a machine
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is fuelled by charcoal,
as a result
product can be bought by
and the demand for charcoal will be increased automatically. To conclude, despite some facts that show there is little or no impact in the view of
's decision-making process, I am inclined to believe that advertising can be absorbed by our mind and can have a great influence on decisions made by us.
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