Many people believe that the current system of both teachers and students in the classroom will no longer exist by the year 2050. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

Advancement in technology is shifting the current way of living. It is believed by many that the traditional teaching method will come to an end in the near future. I completely disagree with
statement because
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classroom is a conducive place for learning and
will be elaborated on below.
, face to face learning is far much better than distance learning.
In other words
, students need the presence of a teacher physically since he will monitor them and see their progress.
For example
,in the
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one can determine whether the pupils understand or not more easily by just observing their gestures .
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, instilling discipline is much better when you are in one room,
it is easier to control the behaviour of individuals resulting in better grades.
, interaction is very crucial in every student's life.
For instance
, e-learning is mostly
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way type of information sharing where only the lesson conductor is in charge.
doesn't give the students time to ask questions or argue with their classmates . Debating is so important as it encourages pupils to think very quickly and keep them focused.
, the traditional way of teaching should not be replaced as people benefit
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from interaction

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skills which will help them in all their life. To sum up,
there is a possibility of classroom physical learning extinction due to the advancement in technology, I believe
will not prevail since there are a lot of benefits associated with it including better understanding and socialization.
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