Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems as well as practical problems . To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement ?

Many people think that you have to speak another language if you live in an abroad nation and it has many sociological and practical issues . I totally agree with
notion because foreigners have different languages , lifestyles , cultures and working patterns .
essay explains what are the social and practical problems which are faced by them , followed by a reasoned conclusion. Living in another country has some social challenges .
, they feel isolated from foreign people because they have a different lifestyle than us . So Initial 6 month to one year they face more problems during settling in other states .
For instance
, many Indian people migrated to Canada , Australia and America , so they have to be fluent in the English language as well as they have to adapt their culture by joining their communities , take part in social activities and so on . In the initial ,days they do not understand their importance and they confuse about it .
, they might change eating habits that are less spicy ,
nutritious .
, it has some practical problems like many changes in their lifestyles .
In other words
, foreigners are more punctual , strict at colleges or workplace ,
must obey rules and regulations of their country. To illustrate
, they have to do more struggle to adjust in foreign life
as use public transport because private vehicles are expensive , do part-time job as a side income , do all work on time , always talk with respects , do not make a loud noise , etc . All of these issues make their difficult life . To conclude , I strongly agree with
fact that living in a foreign country brings many challenges in one lifelike speak in abroad words , face many social and practical issues.

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