Some people argue who have been in prison can become good citizens later and it is often argue that these are the best people to talk to teenagers about dangers of committing a crime to what is extent do you agree or disagree

Some say that
who have been imprisoned can change and become law-abiding citizens.
, it is argued that they are the best
to talk to youngsters about all the dangers of criminal life. I totally disagree with these statements as a high percentage of
re-offend and there are representatives of law who can give more useful information.
of all,
who committed a crime are less likely to become good citizens. The fact that their brain and psyche accepted
behaviour reduces the chances to improve as an individual.
In other words
, it is highly likely that the crime will be repeated again because there is a certain behavioural pattern in their brain. In similar situations,
pattern may force to reiterate the actions made when committing a crime.
For instance
, statistics show that former
re-offend in 8 cases out of 10.
, in most cases,
are not great speakers and may experience difficulties in delivering the right message to teenagers.
, a great number of them are
without any educational background.
, it is better to talk to
who work in jails as they see all the environment and situation.
For example
, police officers and lawyers see more dangerous situations and unusual cases in life than an average offender. In conclusion, I disagree that criminals can become good citizens and that they are the best persons to talk to teenagers. I would recommend talking to representatives of law working in prisons as they may give better information about the lives of

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