Many people believe that social networking sites have had a huge impact on both individuals and society. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Since the dawn of the internet, social media has become pervasive across the world.
, it is argued that its use has had a profound impact on not only people but
the communities in the world. In my opinion, I completely agree with
development as it has removed the communication barrier amongst the citizens as well as helped them improve their education and subject-knowledge.
To begin
with, the usage of social networking websites has enabled human beings and societies to communicate with people living overseas .
In other words
, netizens can easily converse with one another for longer hours without any interruption or additional charges;
, network connectivity has to be strong.
For example
, an individual can use different features of social applications,
as internet-calling and video-conferencing to verbally converse with either relatives or colleagues at an economical cost.
, if there weren't
websites or apps, it would have become impossible for people and other groups to connect with long-distance family members or colleagues.
, these sites are of paramount importance for everyone throughout the world.
In addition
, it is helping each and every country produce more number of literates with impressive intellects.
is because
web pages not only help connect knowns together but
it is immensely helpful for an individual to find a new tutor, who teaches students from the comfort of their homes. In fact, in developed countries, like the USA, pupils prefer studying online as the professors teach them using 3-D videos and pictures which gives them in-depth knowledge of the subject
of using the traditional method for teaching,
for instance
, on the blackboard.
As a result
it helps the students consolidate their implicit knowledge, it gives them practical exposure to the subject as well. In conclusion, even though some argue that social media has an immense effect on an individual, families and societies, I believe it has a positive impact as it is helping its users to be close to each other via web-calling while helping the nation develop more number of inquisitive students.

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