Should Government make a decision about people’s lifestyle or should people make their own decisions?

Nowadays, people have contrasting views on whether an individual responsible to live their
in their own way or the ministry should take
responsibility. In my perspective, I believe that every single person should live and enjoy their
in the way they want without harming anybody which is worth it for both society and the government. We cannot deny the fact that the authority has numerous amounts of responsibility to take care of the public. They are entitled to look after political issues, health issues and
busy in the formation of the rules and regulation for the population for their safety purpose. Well, in
case making a decision regarding everybody’s lifestyle is a tough task and risky as well because different personality has a different style and view on the living style so maybe it would be unfair for someone. On the other side, it would be great if folks make their decisions towards their lifestyle. The reason is they can enjoy as they live according to their willingness. Rather than interfere in society’s
, I think the nation’s management support them or aware them of how to live
by organizing some campaign free of cost in every state or the cities.
, they can
announce some rules on some kind of activities which are harmful to every age of people.
For instance
, smoking is injurious to health and that’s why it is prohibited in someplace like schools, hospitals, theatres and other public areas. That’s how the authority finds out the solution in
a way that nobody feels hurt and respect the union’s decision. In a nutshell, I would say that every human being has a right to live their own
freely and without any restrictions of anybody and for
, the government can support them by enforcing some law or declare the punishment on some activities which are not healthy for the group of people.

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