Some people think its better to choose friends who always have the same opinions as them.Other people say believe its good to have friends who sometimes disagree with them. Discuss boths views and give your own opinion.

Making a
is an essential factor to socialize and have mental health. Herein, though, some people believe that they should choose a companion who is always in accord with them, others think a like-minded
cannot be as good as someone who has a disagreement view. I do think both notions are equally in a friendship circle. To commence with, having a companion who has similar thoughts and personality as we have can make us feel convenient and satisfied. Imagine the person who is introverted and like watching a movie at a home rather than outside,
for example
, and
had he or she had an extravert
who interests in go the cinema, both would not enjoy their time. Not to mention,
the conflict would arise that can lead to break friendship as long as they do not meet each other’s requirements and interests. So, the similarity in companions can cause a life-long friendship. On the other side, many people tend to have a
with disagreeing viewpoint.
is because
a companion not only notice the weaknesses of his/her
could help to improve them.
, the more variety of ideas people confront, the more cautiously they will behave.
For example
, when a person has a speech, undoubtedly a
with a diverse opinion can make a better comment than like-minded ones. In conclusion,
getting on who accord with our mindset is more interesting and easier, diverse opinions surely can be proper consultations to strengthen our abilities.

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