Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of a high school programmes (for example working for a charity , improving the neighbourhood or teaching sports to younger children ). To what extent do you agree or disagree?

modern era, it is thought that senior schools need to include free social services in their academic fields so that our environment and societies could get improvement by these services and children could become healthier if they get knowledge about sports from community work. I agree with
notion due to the scarcity of improvement of the environment and unaware of the public regarding
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health issue. To commence with views of disagreement that including additional subjects lead to a burden on the children as they already have multifarious courses in their academic fields.
In other words
, adding more subjects reduce their interest in other courses
as mathematics, science, history. Shifting towards views of agreement that free work should be provided to societies as voluntary task assists pupil to obtain an experience that how we can preserve our natural habitat.
, they unite with other families during their performance and learn how to cooperate with others along with clean surroundings.
For example
, International Environmental conserve team has conducted a survey that some countries have used
curriculum in schools and seen advancement due to these schemes.
As a result
, individuals are getting knowledge through these programs
they are educated or not.
In addition
, high schoolers
enhancing various kinds of skills regarding environmental issues.
strengthening views that working with charity organization students can help needy people who are not getting education due to scarcity of finance.
, high schoolers are able to provide knowledge about health diseases that how can society tackle fitness issues by devoting some time to sports.
For instance
, World Health Organization has estimated that in European counties, 70% of people reduce their obesity problems and got an education due to high schooler assistance as legal authorities implement a free community service program in schools three years ago.
As a result
, students and people improved their various kinds of skills from these programs. In conclusion, according to my perspective charity, free teaching and environment programs should be mandatory in academic fields as the community and students both get advantages from these free courses. but there are a few negative effects of it which are neglectable
as, adding these services
effect on pupil's mind as well as waste their time as they could not give time to other subjects.
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