Some people think that dangerous extreme sports such as rock climbing and sky-diving should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

In recent years, the discussion about the practice of dangerous sports has become a need. There are many people who think they should be forbidden, while others advocate for their continuity. I completely agree with the latter statement and in
essay, I will support my view with examples.
and foremost, it is important to consider that athletes of any kind can be subjected to injuries.
happens because people can take a fall (phrasal verb?) or even collide with another person when exercising.
For instance
, much is being said about the serious brain damage football players sustain during their careers, but there are no propositions to forbid that physical activity. One possible solution to these problems is to correctly use protective equipment.
As a result
, sportsmen would have better conditions for their activities.
, prohibiting perilous exercises unreasonably limits the way people can dispose of their bodies.
is because many other human actions have inherent risks associated with them.
For example
, plastic surgeries to enhance any physical feature are invasive and expose individuals to infections,
, they are still done. The observance of qualification and safety procedures could be a way to shorten the dangers associated with these activities, resulting in
Change the quantifier

It appears that the quantifier less does not fit with the countable noun fatalities. Consider changing the quantifier or the noun.

show examples
fatalities. In conclusion,
there is a debate about the interdiction of action sports,
that is
an incorrect proposal. In my view, the threats when practising any exercise are known and it should be a personal choice to engage with them.
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