Now a days, parents are sending their children on trips abroad for educational purposes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

High qualification for learners is the most major concern for their parents and to give better education to them parents prefer to send them to developed countries.
essay will suggest that
's self-confidence and awareness are the biggest advantages of
, but anxiety and financial crisis are primary disadvantages to studying abroad.
To begin
with, the foremost benefit of studying out of owns nation is that it makes undergraduate self-dependent and responsible. They have to manage themselves in a stranger country without support from their guardians.
As a result
, the level of confidence among them increases insufficient way to face difficulties as a
For instance
, a survey conducted recently by Cambridge University has revealed that 45% of the world's pupils who are surviving in other community with various problems are capable to handle any situation compared to other students.
, while getting advanced education from foreign institutes
get to connect with new people, culture and tradition.
, they enhance their knowledge about the host land.
imparts individually development to youth. Despite these advantages, it can never be denied that there are negative impacts of opting to study at the international level.
, many
might be a victim of stress and loneliness due to homesick nature. There is always a short time in a
to spend quality time with friends.
condition led to mental illness among students.
, they need to manage their budget with a limited source of income even after spending allowed hours on different jobs.
, they face a hard moment to fulfil their desires with insufficient income and they live a low standard of lives.
For example
, one study found that several pupils have committed suicide owing to a lack of job opportunists for fresher.
trend becomes harmful for the youth of any nation. To conclude, sending
to other countries for obtaining advanced education gives chance to them live an independent
but numerous critical situations they have to control while spending their
at international universities.
, parents must provide them emotional and funds support to achieve their
's goals.
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