Many offenders commit more crimes after serving their first punishment. Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

It has been observed that the majority of the inmates carry out more offences after being released from police custody.
essay will discuss the reasons for
development which includes lack of job opportunities and inherent liking towards carrying out unlawful activities. It will
suggest solutions that are financial aid as well as appropriate counselling to former prisoners. The foremost reasons for
problem are mainly two. One of them is the non-availability of jobs,
that is
, employers hesitate to hire a formal criminal due to which it becomes extremely challenging for them to find a legitimate source of income.
, due to lack of money offenders resort to committing crimes all over again. Another reason is that many criminals have an inherent liking towards performing unlawful activities. After serving them in jail, their irresistible urge to harm others intensifies because of which they conduct more offence.
For instance
, the report released by the
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newspaper that a deranged imprisoner behind the bars, self-mutilated as he was not able to budge the compulsion of killing someone.
, the
measure to tackle
issue is that the government should subsidize these defaulters for initial 2-3 months after their release so that they can seek a job without worrying about overheads. In developed countries,
for example
, WHO provides financial help to those along with basic amenities, namely shelter, food and clothes, to deter ex-criminals from returning back to the previous unethical methods of earning money. Another method is to send people with
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the impulse
an impulse

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of hurting others to rehabilitation centres, where they can be counselled and treated.
, rehab will change their way of thinking and outlook towards life and
avert them from attempting any illicit actions. In conclusion, most of the previous offenders after release from prison re-attempt crime because of lack of employment and affinity for bloodshed.
an issue can be tackled if government provide monetary help until they get employed or put them into
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a rehab

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centre during their time at the jail for counselling.
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