Nuclear energy is a better choice for meeting increasing demand, agree or disagree?

There are different arguments related to the various nuclear
problems that we face nowadays. Pertaining to
, certain advocates believe that the importance of nuclear
these days is necessary and has to be used, while some critics oppose it, as they think there are other kinds of
we should use.
, in my perspective, I strongly believe that the harm of disrupting station will bring nature toward becoming stranded for ages. On the one hand, others frequently pay a huge among of attention to their own preference
as to
stations for main reasons.
, it’s a green
source, so we don’t need to think about scarcity and reserve considerations.
For example
, once fossil fuels are non-renewable, the more easily we use them to die.
, nuclear
is environmentally sustainable and releases no carbon dioxide material into the environment. It is more clean
than conventional
, atomic
’s mass to
generation is very high, which implies with a limited volume of atomic material we can generate enough electricity to lighten the whole
On the other hand
, others and I believe that there is a variety of only
people have to use. The substance of nuclear
is a significant danger to any form of life on earth. Radioactive waves or radiation triggers dangerous illnesses,
as cancer, if not contained. Japan,
for instance
, was met with a tragedy after the waves hit one of the nuclear power plants in Fukushima. As a consequence, there was a leakage in the facility, the
deemed to be a radioactive zone, culminating in a mass evacuation of natives from the
. But the
is still maintained as a quarantine area, meaning that no living things survive there. In comparison, the safety of nuclear power stations is very dangerous. Today, these kinds of installations are attacked by militants as nuclear weapons. In summary, nuclear fusion is the only alternative to the
deficiency that the earth is currently facing. It is
the ideal solution to the environmental issues that we are facing right now. While there are still certain drawbacks, proper service and creation of these types of facilities should be assured.
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