Tourism is encouraged in many countries. Does tourism bring more advantage or disadvantage to a country?

For the past centennial, it has been observed unprecedented growth in the field of touristry. Travel and tourism are energized in many nations. Indeed, that has both merits and demerits. In the upcoming paragraphs, both these would be scrutinized in detail. There are a lot of advantages associated with tourism.
, a country could achieve economic development by it. To elaborate, as a tourist visit a nation, they have to spend enough money for the accommodation,food and
for shopping. Certainly,it would encourage the local businesses centred there and subsequent tax return to the government.
in addition
to economic growth, advancements in the field of infrastructure could be noticed in
areas. To explain, to attract more travellers, countries would emphasize the transport system, roads and
modify the overall environment to make it travel friendly.
For example
, according to the survey conducted by the Hindu newspaper, for the past 10 years, due to massive traveller inflow, a boom in economic growth is observed in the country. At the same time,
the above benefits, there are few drawbacks in relation to travel on one country. To explain, there are more chances for pollution and deleterious human invasion of biodiversity. Since most of the tourist destinations are protected and fragile, escalation in the number of travellers to
areas would hasten the already prevalent environmental disturbances if
that is
not adequately checked.
, waste accumulation is another heart-breaking truth in those regions.
For instance
, according to the state tourist board, in the year 2018, they had to dispose of 20 lacks plastic bottles and cans collected from the vicinity of Athirappilly waterfalls. To conclude, tourism has its own merits and demerits.
, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. It is because both individuals, as well as the whole nation,could retrieve financial stability.
, the above-mentioned negatives could be tacked by proper governmental intervention.

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