Some people are born to be leaders, while others believe leadership can be learnt. Discuss both views and give opinion

Leadership is an eye-catching term in our modern life. Some scholars insist that Leaders have their innate set of personality traits that came naturally, and made them distinguished humans. While others believe that leaders can be made through setting the right nurturing environment so they can keep improving their skills. In
essay, I will highlight the two opposing points of view ,
I will share my thoughts on why leading people is an art that needs both factors to reach the fullest. It comes without saying that some people are better than others in holding a vision, challenging the status quo, and motivating the crowd. The question is why we have in our community a few per cent of persons who possess these qualities. That's why many researchers believe that being a leader is a natural secret that made him easy to dominate. Certain skills of assertiveness, dominance, and communication are exceptional in those individuals.
For example
, Lincoln was a true natural leader who stood over a high level of leadership that made him an outstanding governor who made hard decisions to make the United States a great country.
, without holding those abilities, it's too hard to reach an exceptional level.
On the other hand
, there is ample evidence to suggest that managing folks is a skill that needs efforts to cultivate.
For instance
, Dr Carol Dweck mentioned in her book "Mindset" that providing a psychologically safe environment for the students can transform their learning and leading capabilities.
, keeping a growth mindset that these abilities can be improved will male people enhance their management styles through diligent effort and hard work. So, if you take these traits for granted, you will start to lose them.
, sharpening the saw will yield better rulers in the world. In conclusion, it's a highly controversial topic if commanders are born or made. From my perspective, I feel that it's a two-way street that exceptional human beings have their own set of genes that made them great beings like Gandhi or Steve Jobs.
, that nature is the same as a flower that needs consistent care and watering in order to flourish. So, it's the golden mean between the two sides. Genetics and the surroundings are the receipts for building elegant directors in our world.

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