Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of teen deaths. To prevent such road accidents, the government should ban people under 24 to drive motorcycles. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Among the main contributing factors to teenage mortality rates are accidents caused by young motorcyclists. A suggestion to reverse
worrying trend is for the government to introduce a law in which those under 24 must not ride their motorbikes. I opine that
idea is justifiable to some extent as there are other elements to be considered. On the one hand, while I do agree that many young people are quite reckless when they are out in the street riding their vehicles, they should be held responsible for any accidents that happen. There are many older people who, albeit senior in age, still act very impulsively, or are not as skilled as their juniors at handling the wheel.
For example
, there was a recent newspaper report about road rage between a drunk middle-aged man and a young university junior. The old man was to blame because he tried to cross the street
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but did not give any signals and he was travelling really fast
, which caused a serious crash. He was seriously injured; the boy lost his life and many others were traumatized.
On the other hand
, a magnitude of other points needs to be taken into account concerning the issue of teenage deaths. Substances abuse is probably the most deleterious culprit. Many youngsters are under enormous peer pressure to commit numerous wrongdoings to ensure a sense of belonging with their friends. In fact, hordes of them take drugs or drink excessively.
, violent scenes on TV
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and the Internet have been ubiquitous and easily accessed by people of all ages, teenagers included.
frequent exposure to
contents can gradually shape their behaviour and in many cases turn them into norms. A telling example is there are many cases of gunfire on university campuses and most of the convicts are students. In conclusion, there are many explanations for the death rates among the youth and under-24 cyclists are just one contributor.
, the claim that it is the number one killer is quite an exaggeration.

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