With growing populations in cities, more and more people live in homes with little or no outdoor space. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Due to the ever-increasing population, many people today, not by choice, reside in apartments with no place for recreational activities. In my opinion, it is vital to have sufficient space for families.
, the expansion of urban areas has led to deforestation and loss of farmlands, and to reduce the impact on farms and forests, humans have resorted to living in flats. A concept wherein an area is allotted to an individual within tall buildings. The carpet area is just enough to construct a living room, a kitchen, and
or two bedrooms with no room for anything else.
In addition
, it leads to nuclear families, which has its consequences. Connection with individuals in
's life is lost, causing seclusion and isolation.
For instance
, it can no longer be witnessed that
entire family comprising of different generations is living under
single roof.
, these days youngsters do not have access to any playgrounds where they can enjoy playing sports with other children of their age. They tend to lose out on their precious time by staying inside the house, not socializing and spending time with their peers but
forced to stay indoors and in front of the screen. With no physical activity, the impact is seen on the health of the youth as
tends to gain weight and become lazy in nature resulting in various health issues.
For example
, the youth these days spend the majority of their time playing computer games and not playing any sport. In conclusion, apartments and flats could be a possible solution to save the environment, but it has a downside. Populaces living in
places have health-related problems to deal with, be it physical or psychological, as fewer space results in lesser physical activities and social interactions even though humans are inherent to be social animals.

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