In many countries, very few young people read newspapers or follow the news on TV. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

had remained a viable source of knowledge in the 20th century. At those times, the
was the only accessible medium of getting informed with surrounding and the latest happenings. With the rapid insurgency in the earth of technology, several innovations led to the modification in process of acquiring knowledge through the
. Several causes have contributed towards its downfall, yet the existence of
still resides in today's nature. Enumerating a few of the major factors in the downward spiral of the broadcast consumption through
, with the mass growth of social media podium and easily accessible nature of everything on the aforementioned mediums has led to the redundancy in the usage of
in daily lives or through the television. People can now get easily updated with events and the latest happenings locally and globally around nature within few seconds.
, enabling limited usage of
and televisions.
For instance
, through Facebook, users get various word feeds on different genres of discussions in no matter of time( at a doorstep of a fingertip).
, with the technological advancements and cut-off pricing competition in the market, a plethora of disclosure channels have shifted their focus on adapting effective channels of communications
as disseminating the word through e-
of the traditional way of paper-based magazines. As it curtails the cost of miscellaneous expenses that occur in printing and hefty stationery charges,
letting various announcement agencies opt for an online mode of communication. Namely, one of the oldest and popular
company in Pakistan Dawn , has effectively reduced application of printed
reducing it printing cost and moving towards a more feasible and accessible online
platform by the masses. Interestingly,
on the contrary
, a lot of instruction shared on social media terrace lacks the element of reliability
discrediting its source. As the majority of shared knowledge lacks genuineness.
For instance
, often advice shared on the social floor is misled to attract views and subscriptions
ultimately misleading the consumer of
restrictions on message availability through online social podium should be imposed.
, the habit of reading a
should be instilled from a young age as it strengthens reading and writing skills, improves vocabulary, and enables students to be updated with recent ongoing researches and various projects. In conclusion, albeit the consumption of
and disclosure on TV carrier has been spiralling downward for years, yet its non-existence in our practical lives is impractical. Keeping in mind above mentioned solutions, a revival can be forecasted in the earth of instruction through
and TV mediums.

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