Computers are being used more in education. Some people say that is a positive trend, while others argue that it is leading to negative consequences. Discuss both sides of the argument and give your own opinion.

Increasing demand for technology in the 21st century plays a crucial role to minimize the manpower as computers are now part of each individual whether junior or senior residents;
, some think of the repercussions of the usage of
things as it leads to not only physical but
physiological issues.
essay intends to discuss both viewpoints followed by my opinion with suitable illustrations. The most conspicuous reason as to why technical gadgets are necessary to use is that it provides ease of accessibility in regards to education purposes as well as to entertain the public. Online classes,
for example
, during a pandemic, the only thing contributed in the studies of pupils is personal computers through which they are getting their syllabus completed with no consequences by sitting at their places.
, these gadgets can develop cognitive skills in the children as they play several kinds of games
as puzzles to get desirable winning which leads to the strengthing of their minds.
On the contrary
, others have their conflicting views regarding the use of electronic products is that if these are used for longer duration it can cause numerous health issues,
for example
, postural changes, according to the recent research by the Indian government, majority of youngsters are suffering from backache and have disc problems after sitting in front of laptops while working for a long time. Another considerable reason is that it reduces family cohesiveness.
In other words
, people more gravitate towards electronic things that they do not have enough time to spend with their families and everybody at the home carries and working on their personal devices.
, it lacks the bond of family members with the advancement of technology. To conclude, despite the fact that electronic domain leads to less interaction with the community and has various negative ramifications
as physical changes of the body, I incline towards those who opine that these products are useful for not only students but
to the senior citizens for gaining knowledge as well as for developing intellectual things.
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