Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organization. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantage of being self-employed?

In recent years, many people especially the youngers are inclined to be self-dependent, rather than working for an organization.
, the reason behind
is the availability of a faster internet connection
it has exhibited some cons that deprive them of being a good communicator to some extents. Faster internet has renovated the entire universe as it has numerous facilities. Since we can access any website, information is no more hidden.
, access
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to this

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advantage has wide opened opportunities for the students to learn more about the lessons from academic journals.
, learners do not need to travel from place to place in search of books and magazines.
As a result
, they can operate their own company based on primary knowledge.
, if they make any mistake dictating the business, they can easily resolve them.
, it offers the scope of gathering huge revenue.
For example
, people, who run their self-built organization, do not need to bother about hiring employees to design and publish the product advertisement, which they can do by themselves. Though the disadvantage of being self-employed is often overlooked, it is observed when the staffs have to attend the physical workplace.
, Working with colleagues entails a great amount of enthusiasm along with excellent communication skills. Sometimes lack of being persuasive can come out with undesirable losses for the company. In reality, an individual who has gained the expertise of management is bound to be promoted over other individuals - lacking
, surfing over the websites does not help to nurture the aforementioned art.
, many workers suffer whenever they join any company with the requirement of attending meetings directly.
For instance
, studies show the employees, who do not attend any physical session in their lifetime, can never sustain a post for a year that requires a great deal of cooperation. In conclusion, self-employment is a new trend, which should be welcomed by both local and international institutions but employees should develop their soft skills alongside working over the internet.
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