Some people think that use of social networking apps is very beneficial in today's world. some say that it put negative impacts on the society. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Nowadays, cyberspace is the age. Every human being is easily connected to each other through the web. While some people think that using social grid applications is of great benefit to us, many say that its adoption has very bad side effects. The following article gives the final opinion considering both the statements. On the one hand, it would be wrong to ignore the many benefits of using the Internet. The biggest advantage of using a web can be considered being that it connects two people sitting far apart with the help of electronic communication.
For example
, if a person is a resident of India, all he needs is cyberspace, without the hassle of interacting with a friend, relative, or acquaintance in a distant country like the United States. The whole thing can be done at a very low cost and with ease.
, a business professional can have business conversations with other people sitting at home away from home. There are many personal, social, and business benefits to electronic communication.
On the other hand
, the considerable disadvantages of overuse of the Internet and computers can
be seen. The biggest losers are the crowd who use cyberspace for frivolous activities like chatting or meaningless conversations.
For example
, the younger generation in India today uses many social structure applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc. just for their entertainment and less interest in doing exercise or other sports that keep our body fit and healthy
, leads to many health ailments like obesity and heart-related diseases like cardiac arrest.
, we must control its use to avoid the ill effects of the misuse of electronic communications.
, after the controversial discussion above, I opine that while there are many benefits to using social web applications, we should use them only when needed. In order to make our life better, we should exercise and keep our body fit and spend as much time as possible to keep our mind active and agile.
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