Some people say that spending time to develop a successful career is more important. Others say that spending time with friends and family is more important.Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Use your time to improve your skills in your career and become successful or spend it with your friends and family?
of the greatest dilemmas. In
essay, I will discuss both views and, following, I will give my opinion. On the
hand, somebody considers having a brilliant development story of work resilience fundamental to earn success. Any renowned scientist once was no
, and through years and years of studying, failure, and effort, they got somewhere.
For instance
, Vincent van Gogh, the artist, in spite of the fact that in life, he produced a myriad of paintings and managed to sell only
, decades after his death, his productions were considered valuable and sold at extortionate prices.
, investing in your career must bring
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and recognition
day. In stark contrast, somebody departs from
idea, including myself, claiming that our lifetime is countable and should be spent with people who care about us. A
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movie called Upside Down, in free translation,
for example
, portrayed the aspects of being a workaholic and the negative impacts that it causes to the character's household, and, in the end, she decides to quit and stick with her family.
, our lifetime is finite, indeed. The COVID19 pandemic has
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it clear, as
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, relatives were not allowed to visit their dear ones in the hospital, avoiding possible infections.
, it showed the fragility of life, justifying why we must give attention to the ones we love
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before it is
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late. To summarize, to become successful and a reference has its value,
, having friends and family to support independent of the situation is priceless.
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