Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment; only governments and large companies can make a difference. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is considered by many people that regime and multiorganization collaboratively make an efficient step to improve the environment,
, people's are unable to any measurements. I agree with the statement given above because the
should take extremely serious steps along with companies to clean the surroundings. In my opinion, there should be proper laws so that industrial and household
dispose of
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outside of urban cities and aware the citizens of the nation regarding
To begin
with, the administration should establish an organised plan for composting the
. It is a major concern in a big city because the lack of a proper landfill gives birth to harmful diseases
as diarrhoea, fever, and asthma. So, there should be separate industrial and residential
treatment plant.
In addition
, the
should provide guidelines to companies that how
should be collected, separated, and dispose of.
For example
, in India, the higher authorities
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The singular verb is does not appear to agree with the plural subject authorities. Consider changing the verb form for subject-verb agreement.

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introducing the 3R's concept
that is
reduced, recycle, and reuse due to which the air is pollution-free.
, the
should run free champs in which they teach ordinary people that how
should be treated without harming the environment.
, there should be proper infrastructure to separating the garbage like disposable and non-disposable which help in efficiently handling in sanitary. To illustrates, in Sydney, the councils provide the bin service in which plastic is kept separate from the wet
so that it can be recycled easily and protect nature. In conclusion, the
should choose well-maintained plans so that they can motivate the companies and citizens of the nation to protect the environment from being damaged. I,
, believe that it is collaborative work
and the individuals should feel responsible to clean their surrounding clean and safe.
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