The exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the most important global priority today. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

are keen on modern life , the demand for automobiles usage has increased. Some argue that there should be new methods which prevent our environment from gas emissions are released by autos. While there are some opposite opinions,I completely agree that the pollution caused by fossil fuel has to be prevented. On the one
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it is understandable why
consider that
which are engined by diesel are more convenient for them.There are the most experienced drivers who used to control their car in
way. Owing to the fact that some drive
which are inherited to them.
For example
, the son who owns the car presented to him by his grandfather does not intend to sell his possession.
who spend much more money on brand ones consider that it will waste money if they change it to another one. It is a very challenging task to change their attitudes to
proposal for society.
On the other hand
,I argue with those who think there is a need for alternatives for using motors. The community are aware of that as they use
provided with fossil fuels to damage the natural world.
For instance
,one town which is inhabited by many drivers will lead to much more pollution and damage.
process causes low air quality as well as the extinction of fauna and flora.
, society will suffer from toxins that enter into the atmosphere which are emitted by transport means. Unless the government neglect expanding the usage of automobiles started by renewable source energy,our natural resources will face dramatic undergoes. It is paramount problem that should be taken ahead. To sum up,
there are
who tend and insist on driving old model
,it is advisable to prefer eco-friendly vehicles which will protect our world and save it healthier for future.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • climate change
  • fossil fuels
  • safe alternatives
  • global priority
  • limitations
  • drawbacks
  • potential benefits
  • government
  • international cooperation
  • investing
  • research and development
  • challenges
  • obstacles
  • transitioning
  • individuals
  • businesses
  • adopting
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