Some feel governments should invest in preserving minority languages, while others feel this is not a good use of resources. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is indeed a fact that native languages are disappearing day by day. A certain segment of society asserted that bureaucrats ought to be spent to save mother tongue. Whereas, rest of the individuals believes it is unworthy to invest in
essay tends to discuss both the ideology followed by my opinion.
To begin
with, the major reason why a section of society holds the belief that government should invest in saving minority language is that it connects with the culture. To elucidate, native tongue aids us to be in touch with a tradition of the nation.
, uplifts the name and fame of the country. To exemplify, as per a survey conducted by the Indian Cultural Central Bureau in 2018, the Mumbai government started champian to boost their mother voice by which most of Mumbai citizens able to speak Maharashtra promptly.
As a result
, they have made their own identity not merely in India but at the world level. Thereby, it is imperative to preserve a basic tone of the town.
On the other hand
, it is not fruitful to use cash on
a factor as there are few speakers of the same language. To explicate, the different state has their own language
, it will be
cost effective
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to save individuals' jargon.
, the economy of the nation will be highly affected.
For instance
, as per recent research done by The Times of India, India has numerous states and each place have their own style of speech, which is not possible for the authority to save them all. Concurrently, it would be better if the regime should invest in other sectors
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and education for the development of a person and society as a whole. To conclude, while it is true that saving local languages is crucial for conserving cultures associated with them, in my opinion, it is more important for the government to invest in essential services like healthcare and education.
, I am in favour of those who racked that spending a lot of money on saving languages is not a better option.
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