Some people consider that price is the most important thing when buying a product or a service. Do you agree or disagree?

With the high inflation rate taking over the whole world, the price of everything is going beyond the reach of a common man. As we all know, the currency is losing its index every day, so the cost of goods are skyrocketing. In the current day scenario when pandemic has made many of us jobless and the families are surviving on almost zero budget, it is important to be responsible while doing shopping. I strongly agree with the statement that price is a very important factor to consider whenever one goes to buy anything.
of all, it is your hard-earned
which you can waste on things that's not even worth it.
, the products available in the markets, nowadays, are usually of cheap quality and consumers often need to change them frequently.
For example
, electric equipment like a refrigerator needs to be changed on average 5 years now as compared to 20 years back when they were able to work for 10, 12 years without damage.
, it is better to buy an average quality product at affordable rather than buying a costly one and changing it within some time.
, when you buy things considering your budget, you can save the
for your future and use the same
in your hard times as well.
For instance
, the same amount can be used for your child education
that is
way important than these products.
even teaches you the importance of budgeting in your life. Wasting
just for the sake of the brand's name can soon make you bankrupt. In conclusion, it is important to look at the quality of product yet it is must to compare the prices when buying anything. If you compare the sum of
you are paying with the worth of the item you are going to buy
you will never end up in trouble.

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