Some people think that young people should go to university to further their education while others think they should be encouraged to work as car mechanics or builders etc. to serve society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Recently, the debate on whether young people should receive tertiary education or work for society has been heated. As far as I am concerned, youngsters should choose their paths according to their talents. In
essay, I am going to outline both sides and elaborate on my view.
To begin
with, attending college can help junior who are good at investigations make greater contributions to society in the long run.
For example
, areas like medical biology require a lot of specific knowledge. If talents in
area drop out from high school, it can be hard for them to better equip themselves by conducting experiments in school laboratories.
the short-term labour force may be increased by having more high-school undergraduate, the long term development of a country's soft power can be hindered.
In contrast
, for students who are good at practical skills, jobs like car mechanics or builders may be beneficial to them. To illustrate it, if studying tends to be tough for those school-aged graduate, even though they may be able to attend university, they can still feel reluctant to complete their studies. In
way, accomplishing college studies will waste four years of time
of enhancing their competitive edge.
As a result
, starting some low-skilled work and accumulate experiences may help them to master certain career path and bring more help to society. In conclusion, it is undeniable that completing college can expose some young people to more knowledge and create some academic contributions.
, we should
embrace the fact that study does not suit everyone.
, choosing the path by considering youngsters' talents should be better for the young generation.

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