It is not necessary to go to a place to know about the place because we can see the places from book, TV and internet. Do you agree or disagree?

Travelling to different regions is no longer mandatory to get to know other culture varieties, though we can get knowledge about
cultures from books, TV Shows and the
, now, people have the tool as
, which has various websites and satellites. I think these two approaches are equally interesting. On the one hand, visiting distant places around the world might be very beneficial.
, it gives opportunities that would be impossible to have if a person had stayed in one place.
For example
, the story from the book says that many poets and artists get their inspiration by travelling around the globe.
, it is not necessary to travel to other countries to learn about other cultures of other people.
On the other hand
, a voyage is not inexpensive and could cost a lot of money as well as great length.
, the thing as the
made everything possible and know about any area in the world does not take much time, money and effort as in the past. To illustrate
, google maps ,
for example
, can show all feedbacks about a place a person is looking for.
, by using google maps, a person can watch a picture of the place at 360° that will show how everything looks like. To sum up, from my perspective, flying to other lands might be as useful as reading a magazine, watching a TV Show and using the
about them.
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