The number of people who are at risk of severe health problems to being overweight is increasing. What is the reason for the growth of fat people in society? How can this problem be solved?

Numerous physical ailments have found their place in human life. Obesity is
one of the fastest-growing physical ailments of today, undermining the security of our society. The upcoming article will provide the causes of the growing number of obese persons and the solutions to
ever-increasing disease.
, the leading cause of overweight in people can be our irregular eating and lazy lifestyle. Several humans, primarily young people who like to eat out-of-the-way food, sometimes consume numerous unhealthy foods.
For example
, the youngsters who work in an enormous city like Chandigarh since they are away from home do not get to eat homemade cuisine.
, the best solution is for inhabitants should adopt as good a diet as possible.
For example
, there is a trend of eating the organic meal, which is a boon for our health;
, people will consume it as much as possible;
on the contrary
, organic food is not suitable for every person due to its high cost;
, the younger generation shall acquire cooking by themselves,
as a result
of which an individual can consume self-prepared food.
In addition
, the other main reason is that inhabitants nowadays lead a superb sedentary lifestyle due to stressful workload;
, diseases like obesity are born in the body by showing an idle routine. Every human being should participate in recreational activities to stay healthy to resolve recklessness.
For instance
, residents of Chandigarh consider going to a gymnasium as an essential hobby of their life to make it more nutritious.
, they go to amusement parks and do yoga for their spiritual and mental development.
, unhealthy and unhygienic eating gives rise to growing diseases in our lives,
, the best resolution is that our body and mind become healthier by changing our eating habits and exercising.
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