Many people living in cities these days do not get enough physical exercise. What are the causes of this? What are the SOLUTIONS?

Nowadays, a great number of residences of the urban areas are not engaging themselves in physical activities.
essay will discuss the reasons for the inactive
of city dwellers,
as busy metropolis
and inadequate spaces for doing exercise.
essay will
recommend solutions to the above problems, including reducing the working hour and establishing more fields and physical activities centres.
To begin
with, the hectic and stressful
of towns is one of the main causes for showing unwillingness of the citizens of the town for doing work-outs. Since residents of the metropolis have to work under tremendous pressure in their workplace and commute back to the home after facing a bottleneck situation, they do not retain much stamina and energy to participate in physical exercise.
, almost all the metropolitans have fewer numbers of parks and fields.
, the inhabitants do not find adequate areas for jogging, running, and walking.
For instance
, it is shown in a recent survey that only 4% of the total land area of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has been used for parks and amusement places.
, people of towns are devoid of having sufficient workout opportunities due to strenuous urban
and lack of free locations. In response to the above scenario, few steps can be taken to solve these problems.
and foremost, the government should take necessary steps to cut down the working time and traffic congestion in order to facilitate the city-dwellers with sufficient free time to maintain an active
For example
, In Sweden, working hours have been reduced to motivate its inhabitants to maintain a healthy
and a sound work-
balance. Another solution to these problems can be to build ample capacities and establishment for doing workout and physical exercises. In conclusion, arduous metropolis
and insufficient place for doing physical exercise are the major causes for the sedentary
of the urban population.
, by lessening the work time and constructing more gymnasium and parks, the government can encourage them to remain physically active and fit.

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