the growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in cities and towns closing. Do you agree or disagree

Electronic commerce, for the past ,decades have massively increased and in demand among shoppers. The fast upsurge of using e-shopping has become popular in the eyes of the consumers that slowly taken over the worldwide market. In my opinion, without a doubt, internet shopping will overpower the local and public stores.
To begin
with, there are lots of ways how people can purchase their needs and wants. Definitely, one of it is through web business, it has lots of advantages that a buyer prefer to use it.
For example
, by ordering online you can easily sort and organize all the items that you need to procure, within the tip of your fingertips, customer can find tons of variety in a particular thing in just one click.
In addition
, the users have an option to mix and match the details for a certain product.
, purchasers are free from the hustle and bustle of going to the physical stores in the cities and towns. Unlike doing tangible shopping it takes so much of your time and effort to travel.
, it is convenient, money saver and clients can choose the mode of payment and where the goods will be delivered, which most of them prefer to be on their own doorsteps. On other hand, going to actual stores has some benefits.
For instance
, you want to check the size and quality of a certain product, the availability of fitting the dress is accessible to the consumers. Apart from
, the practices of bargaining in price are part of the culture between the sellers and buyers. In conclusion, I absolutely accept that e-commerce will bit by bit supersede the actual market as a means and preference on buying their needs and wants.

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