In many countries senior positions have higher salaries compared to those of young workers of the same company. Some people think this is not justified. Do you agree or disagree?

In several corporations, upper position employees have far more earnings than their junior colleagues. Few individuals advocate that
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not justifiable and has many drawbacks. Personally, I believe that it is quite fair to pay more to workers at
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the higher

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To begin
with, there are a few harms to unequal salaries among the different classes of worker.
could lead to
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conflicts among them which have devastating consequences for a firm.
, the concept of unequal incomes would widen the socio-economic gap between the poor and rich which
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will have catastrophic results for the whole civilization.
, it has negative impacts on the performances of young diligent workers
as they consider that they are not paid according to their
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hard work

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because of their current position.
On the contrary
, there are enormous arguments in the favour of paying more to seniors.
and foremost,
would create
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healthy competition among employees to get promoted on basis of their productivity .
, the people at higher positions are usually well educated and experienced, so it is reasonable to pay them for their qualities.
, the people at management posts are the brain of a company who provide the road maps and future direction for
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the company

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For instance
, if managers work in stressful condition due to financial constraints,
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the end the whole organization will suffer. In conclusion, the benefits of lucrative salaries for the seniors than newcomers have overshadowed the drawbacks. It is the need of the hour to devise a mechanism to shrink the gaps among salaries of different employees but efficiency based promotion for
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a well-paid

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higher position is
mandatory to excel a company.

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