Some countries have become much richer than others. Richer countries should now help poorer countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Recent decades have witnessed tremendous economic development;
, the gap between the opulent and impoverished nations remains considerable. It is argued by some that richer
should assist poorer ones by sharing the excess of wealth to provide basic necessities. While others condemn the idea due to the fact that several regions in the past suffered from slavery
as a result
of being dependent on powerful states. I believe that for any country self-sufficiency is better than dependence.
, economic aid in any form can increase dependency which leads to a lack of resources and innovations. If a country relies completely on the other for development, it loses motivation and strives for living. Poorer
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, therefore,

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become heavily indebted to rich lands. The
reason for my view is that the hand extended to help is often misused. Free resources are at the risk of corruption. Though, there are several caveats for proper distribution. Yet, there is no accountability factor
that is
taken into consideration while managing the aid. But, if the
are developing independently, they would be definitely cautious about the distribution of wealth.
, I reckon when there is development; there is inflation which creates a hike in the prices of commodities, making the poor more deprived. In fact,
as a result
artificial competition in the marketplace, the poverty-stricken class is adversely affected.
As a result
, the assistance proves lucrative to the high-class rather than the low-class.
, assistance can be considered
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an ineffective solution to eradicate poverty. While
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there is no denial of the fact that periodic assistance in terms of financial aid and provision of advanced technology might prove beneficial for developing nations.
, governments in poorer
implement proper policies and instil healthier and culture among communities.

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