Nowadays, many people use the Internet to get medical advice instead of going to see a doctor. Why is this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development.

These days
tend to access online
consultation compared to visit a
in a clinic or hospital.
kind of medical service absolutely has many benefits,
, not all diagnoses can be made online as they need some examinations. Cost-effective and time-saving are the major benefits of online consultation and
is why most
utilize it.
do not need to travel and those who live in a remote area they can access the services faster
come to the clinic. Bed rest
do not need to spend much money to rent a car to visit a
In addition
, face-to-face consultation has a higher risk especially for vulnerable
who will get a disease from other
. In
pandemic situation communicable diseases spread rapidly among
at high risk, so giving online advice is better for them.
, making a diagnosis online is not easy as a
cannot perform a physical check-up and assess their condition by looking at their face. The physician needs more detailed information but it is difficult to gain information about medical history and patient complaints by online anamnesis. They have to do some basic physical examination
as blood pressure measurement, temperature, blood glucose, etc. Not all families have the medical equipment and know-how to use it properly. In some cases, doctors need to give medical treatment and medicine at that time. To sum up, using the internet to get online medical advice will facilitate
, require a low budget, and saving time.
, not all diseases can be diagnosed online and they need some treatments. For
reason, I personally think that getting medical advice by using the internet is not a fully positive thing.

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