Some people think that it is more important to spend public money on promoting a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent illness, rather than funding the treatment for people who are already ill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

One of the most severe liabilities which ought to be done by governments is enhancing citizens’ health conditions to the largest extent. A number of
hold that public money should be evaluated significantly and spent on raising awareness of healthy living conditions to prevent illness prior to catching it while other
deem that the budget is supposed to be paid for patients’ remedy costs. I partially agree with both viewpoints as
essay will demonstrate.
To begin
with, a great number of responsibilities are on governments’ shoulders in order to provide equal high standards to each citizen especially when it comes to a person’s rights
as health and education.
, governments can use their authorities to take some measures to stimulate
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society to kick their detrimental habits and make them accustomed to new beneficial ones. To illustrate, smoking cigarettes in indoor places can readily be banned and regulating new taxes on selling cigarettes and drugs may make an enormous impact on individual’s lives and diminish smoking-related consequences on the human body.
On the contrary
, it’s not always feasible to take an action beforehand catching an illness,
, the public budget definitely ought to be
reserved for cure costs of sick
. An indisputable part of acting as a social government is to take care of the disadvantaged group of the society.
For instance
, provided that one disease has a genetic aspect
as cancer or hypertension, it really needs to be supported with great technological resources and distinct treatment approaches that require high budgets. To sum up, much as there are several options governments can evaluate to prevent ill health previously
get caught, it should be funded
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of new healer approaches and advanced technologies since it’s the only way for countries to guarantee their new generations with a bright and healthy future.

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