Some people say that economic growth is the only way to end world poverty and hunger.  Others say that economic growth is damaging the environment and must stop now. Discuss both these points of view and give your own opinion.

Some believe that the only way to end global poverty and starvation is through economic
. Others say that economic
must be stopped as it is destroying the environment. I think that economic rise can help in solving a lot of issues and there will be some ways to avoid problems with the global environment. On the one hand, the rise in the economy of countries can lead to increasing rates of manufacturing and consumption.
inevitably results in the increased number of cars, factories, clothes and other things that pollute different ecosystems
as air, land and water. In my opinion, the
of the economy can accelerate progress in science and technologies that may ameliorate the negative impacts of human's activity.
For instance
, in the US, some devices designed to clear oceans, lakes and rivers from hazardous particles have been launched in mass production.
On the other hand
, economic
may eliminate some pressing matters in many countries around the world. Major systems,
as health care, education and others, can have better financing increasing the quality of life in a vast number of states. From my perspective, with the proper functioning of the mentioned systems, world poverty and hunger is likely to disappear.
For example
, Switzerland solved a great number of issues related to joblessness and starvation because the administration invested a decent sum of money into higher education and medicine. In conclusion, while some argue that economic
must be stopped because of detrimental effects on the environment, I reckon that the rise in an economy is the only effective way of eliminating poverty and hunger.
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