New technologies have changed the way children spend their free time. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

These days, because of the rapid development of technology, people became able to access
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the internet.
, an increasing number of individuals, including children enjoy their leisure time by watching social networking services
as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In the following essay, I would argue that the benefits do not exceed the drawbacks.
of all, since the services are fascinating, teenagers are often addicted to them;
, there will be a negative influence on them.
For example
, according to the research done by a certain Japanese publishing company, the average screening time of Japanese youngsters is five hours.
, interviews tell us that most of them tend to go to bed later than before because they cannot stop watching the media immediately, and they rarely work out in their free time
enjoy getting information of their friends and stars on the media.
of all,
on the other hand
, it might help teenagers to release stress by enabling chatting and texting with friends who live far apart. Especially, in the situation required to stay at home, youngsters helped by the relation online to maintain their mental health.
For instance
, even though many students could not go to school and meet their classmates, they could know what they were doing and express their mind by sharing pictures on Instagram or sending a message on Snapchat.
, if they are distracted from learning or being healthy by the apps, they are still having a negative impact on youngsters. In my conclusion, even though the new technologies are useful to reduce children’s stress, there is still an unfavourable impact from perspectives of addiction and health. As a consequence, I believe the advantages do not overweigh the disadvantages.
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