Some people say that arts subjects such as painting or drawing should not be made compulsory for high school students. To what extent do you agree or disagree

There are many people who think that craft
are to be made mandatory in the syllabus . I completely agree with the statement ,and in
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essay I will support my view with examples. One of the many benefits of the necessary incorporation of these courses is that stress could be reduced. Activities that involve drawing aids in the release of a particular hormone
that is
responsible for overall happiness.
For instance
, it is advised by doctors to spend 15 minutes a day doing these tasks as it will impart serenity in one's soul.
, indulging in these
will help the youth to maintain the excessive pressure in life.
, the compulsion of the credits obtained from
area could really help in easing life.
, the imagination of the minors could be enhanced and it will present lucrative opportunities in the future for them. While drawing they have to see vividly through the mind's eye before drawing something, and
will increase their power of imagining things more efficiently and it will open their doors towards success.
as, almost all individual that has
attribute, needless to ,say what they have achieved in the short time period.
In contrast
, to the people who have focused only on core subject areas that require rote learning. In conclusion, making the art
compulsory will have various benefits
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children can enjoy the prolonged amount of happiness and chances of failure will be reduced. I firmly believe that
should be the case as If I would have been fortunate enough to get exposed to these
I will definitely be at a higher intellectual status than now.
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