Some people feel that entertainers (e.g stars, pop musicians or sports stars) are paid too much money. Do you agree or disagree? Which other types should be paid more

Undoubtedly, the majority of exponents postulate that dignitaries are extravagantly remunerated. I strongly accord with the given statement. Notwithstanding,
disquisition delves into in-depth grounds responsible for it, and
, will explore names of occupations that desire the most wages. Apparently, one of the most significant reasons for getting a mind-boggling honorarium should be their consistent hard work along with inherent expertise and high-spirited dedication to clinch name and fame for their own country. In details, athletics undergo a plethora of physical workout sessions, which are not only arduous task to perform but
holds the fear of death. For exemplification, a survey by GNA (Guardian Newspaper of America) stated, in 2009, 3% of young ice hockey players died in training sessions only to be prepared for the national ice hockey championship tournament.
, their careers do not
for a longer period of time;
, they deserve to be paid mind-blowing disbursement.
, could there any other professionals who required the same amount of emolument? Certainly, yes, it follows that teachers, nurses, and laboratory scientists needed more rewards.
is due to the fact that the societies are totally dependent on the essential healthcare and educational workers, for both the overall betterment of a country and leading healthy lifestyles. To epitomize, one more time COVID-19 pandemic has proven that doctors, nurses, and laboratory researchers are the most fundamental protectors of the globe, that fight against deadly situations. Ergo, without them, an imagination of a well-being community is almost impossible.
population should be rewarded with at least desired compensation. To conclude, having explored both standpoints, I consent to the hilt that luminaries are getting exorbitant wages for their efforts, artistries and short span of careers;
, the other front-line healthcare workers should definitely get similar salaries for serving fundamental services to the population of a nation, especially in a crisis.
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