Nowadays it is not only large companies that can make films. Digital technology enables anyone to produce films. Do you think it is positive or negative development?

With the rapid
of technological advancements, movies could not only be produced by large firms but can
be created by any ordinary person. In my point of view,
phenomenon could be both positive and negative developments. Regarding positive aspects of digital
, several plausible explanations could be used to advocate the view. Normal
living in the past could not join in producing any types of cinematic entertainments because of gigantic financial requirements for art productions. With the support of advanced digital, the cost of production has been significantly decreased, allowing
from low and medium incomes to participate.
For instance
, by simply using a smartphone,
can easily generate homemade films with their own ideas and could incidentally become famous in some cases for their talent.
As a result
, digital
can boost human mental health by fulfilling their wishes and making them satisfied with their life.
On the other hand
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the advanced

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technology of digital could be responsible for its negative effect. In the way of easily producing and uploading
’s homemade movies on the internet, many unverified items frequently cause a range of problems relating to sexual content, violence, or morality. Take Vietnam as an example. In recent years, many
who create homemade films for their own purposes were punished by the government because of their inappropriate contents
as stimulating other’s actions, accents, or habits in order to embarrass and bully others in front of the public eyes.
, several cases of suicide because of
bullying could be a detrimental impact on rapidly developing digital technology. In conclusion, the
of digital could be both negative and positive and I strongly believe that
advancements need some legal restrictions to prevent its drawbacks and would be
developed because of its advantages.
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