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With the rapid development of technological advancements, movies could not only be produced by large firms but can also be created by any ordinary person. In my point of view, this phenomenon could be both positive and negative developments.
It is clear that technology makes human life better. In detail, film manufacturing becomes easier by taking advantage of technology development than it used to be. This brings pros and cons to real artists and fans.
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According to the development of digital technology, the film industry has been expanded so we can see not only movies from famous studios but also films from anyone capable of making films. I personally suppose that this development could have both positive and negative.
Unlikely many years ago when cinematography is exclusive to large companies, films made by individuals by using their own devices have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. I am of the opinion that this is more like to have positive consequences.
The advancement of filmmaker equipment has made low budget movies become more popular. I believe it is a great trend in the film industry because this brings new ways of making movies.
It is argued that with the technological breakthrough, not only filmmakers but also ordinary people can create a film. To a certain extent I agree that the films of independent filmmakers are more advantage but we cannot ignore the disadvantages of film from ones. This essay will discuss two viewpoints.
In modern society, owing to technological breakthroughs, everyone can become filmmakers, which was exclusive to big firms in the past. From my way of thinking, the positive aspects of this trend outweigh the negative ones.
Thanks to the advancement of digital technology, it is now possible for almost anyone to make a film. Personally, I think this is a positive development, and will discuss the issue in the following essay.
Technology made big strides in the past few days. As a result, it revolutionized every aspect of human existence. These days, not only large organizations but also individuals can produce movies. In my opinion, this advancement is amazingly beneficial. This essay would attempt to explicate my view in the forthcoming paragraph at its length.
Nowadays it is believed that not only large-cooperative companies that can produce special films to communities. Sometimes, ordinary people can make their own film only by some easy eating skills due to the modernization of digital technology. Obviously, I particularly agree with that opinion.
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Nowadays, technology has been developed to a greater extent in various fields across the world. This has led to more opportunities for film-making personnel at the low state or people without a cinema background. In this essay, I will discuss the positives of producing movies by small-scale groups.
In the past, only the large production companies could make films due to the lack of technological advancement. However, it is not the case in modern society anymore. Small business firms or even individuals are allowed to produce films as well. In my opinion, it is a positive development, both to the country and interns. Therefore, I will explain the positive effects of this contemporary phenomenon in the following essay.
It is an irrefutable fact,, that new devices offer the opportunity to develop different skills now a days in all over the world. Today, people a producing movies by movil. The following up, paragraphs will analize with explanations if creating pictures is a positive activity. Finally, as a conclusion I´ll give my personal opinion.
Personages in this era, are having an arduous time coming to a consensus on whether the invention of advanced digital contrivances that succoured individuals to cast films independently has adversely impacted existing gigantic corporates in the movie industry. Personally, I am of the conviction that this is a bright spot and this essay will elucidate the rationale for my slant.
In the modern society of today, digital technology does not just allow big companies to do movies that small businesses have possible to make, and this trend has lots of benefits and drawbacks. In my opinion, this growth is an advantage when anyone can also be possible to create movies.
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