Children of different ages and countries play computer games these days. Parents think these computer games have little educational value and have harmful effects on children. What is your opinion?

In contemporary settings, computer-based
have gained popularity among youngsters all over the world. Under
circumstance, some people believe that
have hardly any educational value and could even be harmful to
. I completely agree with them. To commence with, most video
are not as educational as school activities.
some web-based
can encourage
’s concentration, and
problem solving
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by requiring players to follow various commands and cooperate with their coworkers to try to solve complex problems, these skills can be better gained through team-work oriented and outdoor activities.
For example
, when
play football, they will do their utmost to defeat their counterparts by cooperating with their coworkers, and these processes can enhance their problem solving and team skills.
, computer
have obvious negative impacts on young people’s health and studies. Gaming can be highly addictive because users are constantly given scores, new targets and frequent rewards to keep them playing. Many
now spend hours every day trying to progress through the levels of a game or to get a higher score than their friends.
type of addiction may result in
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lack of exercise and lead to health problems like obesity.
, young students may fail exams at school when they spend a few more hours on the computer or console without doing their homework. With poor academic performance,
can hardly pursue higher education and find a decent job in the future. In conclusion, I completely agree with the view that computer
are of limited educational value and are harmful to
’s upbringing.
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