The prevention of health problems and health illness is more important than treatment and medicine. Government funding should reflect this. To what extent do you agree.

There are a plethora of health issues these days, avoidance of
is vital rather than curing with a remedy or therapy. Government must disburse the finances toward it. I strongly agree with
statement and will elaborate on my views on
in the following essay. To embark on, healing and restoring health conditions is always followed by the doctors since the beginning, but not all illnesses can be cured. There are a lot of viruses that cannot be cured
they spread widely without knowing costing many lives.
has increased nowadays, and scientists or medical researchers found it difficult to stop.
For example
, there was a spread of the Ebola virus in the North-American region where doctors could not figure out the proper medication for it which costed many lives. It may be more difficult in future to prohibit these diseases.
In addition
to it, there is a lack of required vaccine for immunity that can protect an individual from these diseases.
, it is expensive if in case it is available somewhere else where an average person could not afford it.
, these vaccines are not effective to withstand a virus or a disease that can spread easily. Governments should focus on preventing individuals rather than affording too much on the remedies which could cure a person.
can be only done if excessive funds are released for
For instance
, if the vaccines are provided for free or at a low cost, everyone can take them.
, one can be prevented by these illnesses. I strongly agree that
should happen rapidly to avoid major losses or sudden deaths because of these health issues. In conclusion, It is agreeable that government should release a plethora of funds for vaccination to prevent one from these diseases or viruses rather than concentrating on therapies or medication. It is recommended that
should be followed in an organized way so that everyone would have access to it.
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