Studyingabroad is thought by many students to be the best way to get a good education. On the other hand, somestudents believe that studying in another country has many drawbacks. Discuss both views and give your opinion

It is generally argued by some that the best to obtain a good education is studying overseas; diametrically opposed to
, others propound the idea that studying abroad is disadvantageous. Notwithstanding that both sides may advance equally compelling arguments in support of themselves, I personally incline towards the former for the rationale follows. On the one hand, it is a fact beyond dispute that there are a number of reasons why studying abroad has more advantages. The prime reason is that they want to broaden their complex understanding of majors.
In addition
, overseas
have more lucrative job opportunities than domestic ones because current companies prefer candidates having global qualifications.
In particular
, not only do they speak native languages fluently, but international
show that they have solid professional skills.
For example
, there are many job details about IELTS teacher vacancies showing that applicants possessing diplomas from foreign universities are preferred.
As a result
, a majority of
decide to study in a foreign
which creates an environment where enrollers can study and apply themselves to enhance their occupation prospects.
On the other hand
, there is no gainsaying that studying in another
brings many disadvantages.
To begin
may face culture shock when they
arrive in a new
, which may leave negative influences on their mental health. The
drawback is the language barrier.
an exam-driven curriculum is in English, a communicative language is a local tongue.
For instance
, if a student from another
makes a decision on studying abroad in Vietnam, you have to learn Vietnamese though you are taught in English. To conclude
, whilst there exist contrasting stances on the matter, it is taxing work to determine which may be more positive. Howbeit, in view of the aforementioned arguments, my unshaken conviction is that
should study abroad for better promotions in their career paths.

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