Some people who failed at school can be highly successful in their adult life. Discuss why does this happen? And what are the main factors to get a successful life?

It is true that schoolers who unsucceed at school can be highly successful in their adult life. In general, it is actually a positive development because they can acquire experiences not only for study but
life by trial and error. The main cause of success from making errors in education is student’s desire about learning new things. The young at college want to get the hang of how all the things in
world work because they want to broaden their horizon, and their curiosity grow so well at that time.
For instance
, some kids want to create bombs but they do not have any clues or experiences about it.
they exploded the laboratory sometimes, they
know how to make gunpowder. Overall, I think the most important factor to get a luminous living standard is making mistakes in the learning process. Making faults helps people gain skills, experiences, they can gain a deep insight into something, or even find out a new way to do it better, faster and more successful for the coming time. To illustrate, a large of pupils have never failed at university who is always egotistic about their intelligence, when getting into reality
they make blunders which will make them frustrated about themselves, do not accept their faults, or give up at the beginning, maybe do not dare to try it again.
On the other hand
, people who failed at school several times, when they meet problems, think
that is
normal and do not hesitate to remake it. To sum up, it is clear that failed at schoolhouse leads many people to a brilliant lifetime.
, it is evident that no one is born perfect and does not make any wrongness in their whole being. Do not hesitate to fail many times and learn from that.

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