In the future nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In the modern era, technology and digital news are used profoundly. Most of the editions of the publication are available on the internet and could be used encyclopaedia at the same time to receive the required knowledge. With
emerging trend, it could be seen that the acquaintance of invaluable information from the dictionary and journals would be diminished gradually. I partially agree with the notion.
and foremost, the widespread use of high-tech equipment has made a remarked change in the education field as it has made it practicable to surf the needed statics without considering time and place. To illustrate, nowadays, most of the pupils have smartphones and computers to access the required data that increases the flexibility of time as these gadgets are portable. Apart from that,
mode of education is cost-effective, as one can acquire data or statics without spending on magazines as it already exists on the internet.
, digital publishing and the internet have made people's life a bit easier by the online existence of study materials. On the flip side, album and print newspapers have their own impression on folks life. Like, most of the seniors are not familiar with the technology,
, they are reluctant to use computers and smartphones, they prefer to use printed news to update themselves with the current environment.
, electronic radio needs the power to run; the absence of power make it useless while printed publishing can be used irrespective of power. To conclude
, it is beyond discussion that the opportunity to acquaint knowledge online has made wonderful contributions to the world.
, it would not be legitimated to say that printed news like journals and publications remain unattended. Though the number might be decreased in upcoming years, the usage of
would be alive.

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