Some people believe that good teamwork is what makes companies successful. Others feel that it is more important to have a good leader. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There is an ongoing debate about different factors that contribute to the
of one company. Some claim that good collaboration among
members is the pinnacle, others argue that leadership is the overriding factor that will determine the final result. From my perspective, the company’s accomplishment stems from both the
spirit and the talented
with some reasons outlined below. To embark on, it is undeniable that in the formula of
, there is absolutely a presence of teamwork. Good teamwork means they are already halfway through the
path. When consummate employees are allowed to work together, the productivity and the chances of
are boosted to the highest level,
that is
not to mention the faster speed of the progress.
In addition
, the tasks involved in a particular project are too enormous and tough to be done by one individual.
, if it is divided equally to each member, it will not put too many responsibilities on one shoulder and it will
be accomplished on time.
, the progress of the
will just get nowhere if there is no guidance from the
. Leaders absolutely play an integral role in contributing to a
by virtue of their mission. In detail, the workplace is often fraught with problems and arguments among colleagues so a
is needed to connect every member of the
together, making them feel they are all appreciated and of course, ensuring the progress of the whole
. The quintessence can be observed in famous conglomerates in the world where with the support of skilful leaders
as Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, the beginning of their company which was
a small factory have become a multibillion empire. In conclusion, excellent teamwork and a talented
are in an inextricable relationship that will determine the triumph of the company through their own ways.
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