The animal species are becoming extinct due to human activities on land and in sea. What are the reasons and solutions?

It is true that terrestrial and marine
are on the verge of extinction because of the activities of humans. In
essay, I will list all the reasons that have caused
situation and solutions that could be adopted to tackle these issues. There are many reasons why human actions have exerted a negative impact on the animal
, the destruction of the ecosystem has restricted their natural environments.
For example
, people clear rainforests for farming, so many
lost their natural habitats and their sources of food. In recent years, some
as bears and tigers rarely survive in their natural environments, these creatures only live in nature reserves and national parks.
, the actions of humans have led to environmental degradation.
For instance
, Water pollution stemming from the discharge of industrial waste and garbages into rivers and oceans has caused the loss of lives of marine creatures.
, some solutions can be adopted to protect animal
from extinction. The most important thing is that Governments should allocate resources to establish new natural reserves and research methods to reserve the DNA of animals.
In addition
, authorities could enact stricter legislation on irresponsible behaviours
as the dumping of chemical wastes. Another measure that can be implemented is that non-government organisations should be established to raise awareness about environment-related problems in society.
For instance
, they could spread the news about animals on the Internet because information can be widely shared online. In conclusion, it is undisputed that human actions drive many animals to the edge of extinction. Humans should take steps to save creatures living on land and in the sea.
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